November 25, 2010

Students are currently occupying Manchester University’s Roscoe Building. A link to the occupiers’ blog:

Roscoe Occupation Blog

Fight University Cuts – bust the myths

November 24, 2010

A good read on how cuts will affect students present and future.

Manchester Mule

The Hard Times have arrived

November 22, 2010

Issue 1 of The Hard Times, the newsletter by students in the anti-cuts campaign, is finally here! Click the tab above to check it out and share it with your friends.

November 20, 2010

The Institute for Fiscal studies has calculated that raising tuition fees to 9K will mean that the savings to the taxpayer will be insignificant, about £700 per student. Please see:


‘The main loser of the Government’s proposed system is the taxpayer: the reduction in maintenance grants is more than outweighed by the cost of not imposing a levy. At higher fee levels, this becomes an increasingly important factor: if all universities charged £9,000 a year, we calculate that total the taxpayer burden of higher education would only be slightly lower than it is at the moment (by around £770 per graduate) costing the government potentially billions of pounds of savings compared to Lord Browne’s proposals.’

This undermines the whole basis of the government’s policy.


How will the cuts affect you?

November 19, 2010

Are you facing trouble ahead because of these cuts? Know someone who won’t be able to afford university and £9k fees? How are these cuts going to affect you? Tell us about it in the comments section.

Facebook event

November 19, 2010

Facebook event for walkout/march on Wednesday 24th:

WE WILL MARCH in Manchester

Speak up in your lectures and tell everyone what’s going on – the more people we can get to join in, the better!

Demolition comes to Manchester

November 17, 2010

Wednesday 10th November was a historic day for the student movement.  55,000 students, lecturers, support staff and supporters marched through the streets of London in the largest student protest since the 1980s.  This shows that the student movement is well and truly back in town.  Manchester sent 700 people down to London to join this protest but there were many more that couldn’t make it and wished they had.

Next Wednesday (24 Nov), as part of a national day of action, the spirit of that demonstration will come to Manchester.  We are calling on all those who went to London, all those who wished they had been there and all those who were inspired by the demo to take action in Manchester.  On 24th November don’t go into your lectures, picket out your fellow students, and say we will not have business as usual while the government is destroying our education for future generations.

We will be assembling 12 noon outside University Place for a mass rally against cuts and fee increases.  We will then march up Oxford Road to join Man Met students and have a massive joint march into town.   We call upon school and college students across Manchester to walk out and join us on this day.  It is your education we are fighting for and your EMA the con-dems are cutting.  The Tory cuts will affect everyone and so everyone must unite to fight the cuts.

Join us on Wednesday 24th November and together we will show Manchester we will not stand for cuts!


Dom, demo planning group



November 16, 2010

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Please email this, blog this, tweet this, put it on facebook, anything you can do to share it with everybody…

General Meeting – Weds 15 Nov

November 15, 2010

Come to the second General Meeting of the year for a motion on fighting education cuts. The motion has to do with supporting the National Walkout against fees on Wed 24 November. As always, we need quorum to vote on motions, so every person attending is vital!

Facebook event: General Meeting 2

Upcoming Student Demonstration

November 15, 2010

A demonstration in Manchester against HE cuts is being planned for Wednesday 24 November. If you are interested in getting involved, there will be a meeting on Friday 18th November at 5pm in MR1 (Students’ Union Building, 2nd floor).